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The ActiveSky platform is a powerfully flexible, dynamic multimedia publishing & distribution technology solution that enables the rapid deployment of fully customisable rich graphical user-interfaces & multimedia applications on current & emerging wireless handsets.


ActiveSky makes the complex, more simple.

The ActiveSky framework offers many advantages, which have already been proven by application publishers and carriers around the world.

For corporate - Enterprises seeking increased user loyalty and service extension into the wireless space can licence the ActiveSky platform to deliver new or extended services.

For consumers - ActiveSky has already seeded several market places in sporting applications and growing into entertainment, novelty & travel services.

ActiveSky continues its research and development programme. The framework will offer expanded services as carrier bandwidths and device capabilities expand with 3G rollouts and beyond. If you're a developer and you wish to learn more about developing ActiveSky platform, click here.

"technology for rich interactive multimedia wireless publishing & distribution."