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Proven expertise

ActiveSky has seeded several marketplaces with rich interactive & compelling consumer applications across existing carrier infrastructure.

ActiveSky delivers rich real-time sporting services.

  • data is pushed in real time to each connected device
  • live gamecasts with running commentary allow an information-rich user experience, at minimal data cost
  • any text, animation or graphic can be displayed

Enrich messaging beyond SMS for brand distribution

  •  drive marketing & product purchase campaigns with compelling, reconfigurable interactive GUI’s
  •  forms capability allows product orders & user information/preferences entry
  •  automatically tailor device installation to meet capability parameters
  •  include rich media such as audio, video, animations
  •  fully dynamic advertising & branding options

Allow secure user entered data for wireless ecommerce services

  •  extend web based services into the wireless arena for additional reach
  •  fully secure encryption technology opens up wireless online purchasing committments
  •  fully integrate with existing services to minimise application development costs
"technology for rich interactive multimedia wireless publishing & distribution."