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ActiveSky platform for enterprises

The ActiveSky technology offers a distinct competitive edge in the wireless space, benefiting enterprise users.

Enterprise solutions

Branded enterprise interfaces facilitate an increase in customer recognition, loyalty and functionality:

  • With access to the native handset coding, system level functions can be invoked & re-configured to meet brand objectives.

  • Strong interface branding directs users to features promoting volume traffic & carrier infrastructure use

Enterprise solutions and enterprise licenses to suit your business needs.


In addition to enhanced interfaces, licensed installations of our platform can also provide, for example:

  • Online shopping experience where the special deals in a particular precinct or mall are promoted to opted in shoppers.

  • Television broadcasting networks can extend their reach beyond digital set top boxes and into a wireless portal offering tailored interaction with selected programming choices.

  • Personalised services of graphical & interactive community building communications, as a complete replacement for the basic last generation WAP, SMS & MMS with their inherent limitations.

  • Encrypted financial transactions using the limitless processing power of our client-server architecture and the advanced algorithms of our transport protocol.

  • Telecommunications carriers extend their customer stickiness with reconfigurable wireless user interfaces that address the individual user needs.

Enterprise licenses

Enterprise licenses enable progressive service providers with the tools & delivery system to build & deploy compelling wireless realisations of their current or proposed services across all device types, using our standards based authoring tools and our carrier grade wireless distribution systems, without regard for handset divergences. The types of enterprises which should consider licensing the ActiveSky platform include:

  • Application Developers using the application builder and associated tools to create rich media applications.

  • Telecommunications Service Providers exploiting the flexibilities inherent in the framework to create smart clients that adjust services in line with end user requirements and network capabilities.

  • Enterprises needing to brand the user experience capitalising on the graphic rendering capabilities of our player to generate compelling user interfaces.

  • Application Service Providers deliver new wireless online & offline services.
"technology for rich interactive multimedia wireless publishing & distribution."