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Developing ActiveSky platform

Download application builder, online application builder, and streaming application builder


The developer programme provides a pathway for application builders to use ActiveSky authoring tools to create new wireless streaming and download & play applications and deploy these over an existing licenced wireless carrier network. The developer will need to have in place a provisioning agreement with a carrier (eg. as part of a BREW developer programme or a JAVA muglet programme). This plan provides for the packaging & distribution of an authoring tools suite comprising 3 core components.

Download Application Builder that takes IAVML + media and produces a sky file that is then bundled with the EISC front-end (or other packaging in the case of Java or WinCE or Symbian). Consists of:

  • Application Builder (desktop OLC)
  • a BREW extension or Java Muglet or dll etc
  • an optional DDA server - used to create "dynamic" download applications

Online Application Builder providing HTTP transport between client & server plus a custom front end tool that allows the user to enter a URL/IP address to generate a JAD (for J2ME) or front-end for BREW that will simply do a scene jump to the specified server. The transcoder support in this model will not handle any continuous media (video/audio) but will support midi, and gifs (animated) in addition to SVG, XHTML and images. Consists of:

  • A presentation server or publication server
  • A BREW extension or Java muglet, as required
  • A custom front end creation tool
  • An optional Application Builder (online enabled) for hybrid applications which automatically builds a portal from a filesystem

Streaming Application Builder that extends the Online building tool by supporting video & audio transcoding as well as STP transport between client and server.

"technology for rich interactive multimedia wireless publishing & distribution."