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The ActiveSky platform supports advanced carrier based billing systems, full digital rights management capabilities and online e-commerce, realizing recurring revenues and a range of payment models.

The components of ActiveSky platform:

Mobile client - virtual machine

  • True application write once-run anywhere capability
  • Tiny footprint - OTA deployable
  • Runs on BREW, MIDP 1.0 & 2.0 j2me, Symbian, Smartphones and all derivatives across any mobile operating system
  • SMS / MMS integration (and other handset features)
  • Multimedia Presentation Rendering - Graphics, Animation, images, video, audio, midi etc

Media provisioning & streaming server

  • Download and online applications
  • Device specific Media transcoding and content adaptation
  • Overcome device memory limitations
  • Field proven, fully scalable and reliable

Desktop authoring tools

  • Build download applications with our Application Builder

The solutions, which are offered by ActiveSky technology:

  • Easy to use - Applications with an intuitive user interface makes it easy for wireless customers to experience dynamic, interactive content, applications and services
  • Custom branded - Applications can be easily customized for individual content providers or service providers to deliver a unique branded experience to their customers, as well as dynamic advertising where carrier policy permits
  • Totally secure - Applications are protected both server-side and device-side with a broad range of DRM options
  • Network efficient - ActiveSky applications not only maximize process performance by tight integration of server resources, but generate the smallest possible bytecode to transport
"technology for rich interactive multimedia wireless publishing & distribution."